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Naruto 619 - Will

Hiruzen: This is…

Orochimaru: Hello again, Sarutobi Sensei.

Tobirama: This is my Edo Tensei… Orochimaru again.

Hashirama: To think that we would be reborn to this world once again, its disgraceful.

Minato: My body… I can't move it of my own will. So this is the Edo Tensei.

Hiruzen: This is despicable orochimaru. Do you plan to make us fight?

Orochimaru: (Snickers) My my, you're just as senile as ever. I only brought you back because this man wants to talk to you.

-Sasuke steps forward, Hiruzen looks at him with a shocked expression-

Hashirama (thinking): Those eyes… he reminds me of him...

Hiruzen: Sa-Sasuke!? Is that you? Why are you with Orochimaru?

Minato: This is Sasuke? So you're the one my son always goes on about. Nice to meet you.

Sasuke: …Your son?

Minato: Yeah, Naruto. What's he up to?

-Sasuke looks shocked for a moment-

Sasuke: Currently your son is facing off against Madara Uchiha and the Ten Tails.

-All of the kage look shocked to hear that Madara is still alive-

Tobirama: Madara… lives? But how? My brother defeated him ages ago?

Hashirama: He must have been revived, just as we have.

Tobirama: Then we must stop him! The ten tails will destroy everything if we don-

-Everyone turns to see Sasuke in his Susano'o form, and stare at him shocked-

Sasuke: None of you are going anywhere until you answer my questions.

Hashirama (thinking): Yes… he's just like Madara…

Sasuke: My brother slaughtered my entire clan, under orders from the Third Hokage. He lived and suffered as a felon and was known as an abomination of men, all because of the leaf village… So why? Why does he have so much faith in the village? Tell me!

Hiruzen: … So it looks like you know everything… I'm truly sorry Sasuke. I wish there were another wa-

Sasuke: I don't want your sympathy or excuses! I want answers!

Minato: I guess your brother carried the will of fire, just like my son does.

-Everyone turns to Minato-

Sasuke: The will… of fire?

Minato: The will to protect the leaf village, his home, just as Hashirama passed down to our village originally. He devoted his life to protect his village from any threat, even his own people.

Sasuke: … Why would he do that? Why would he have so much faith in the village that ordered him to kill his own family?

-Hiruzen starts to get teary from the guilt-

Minato: I believe that your brother simply wanted all fighting to stop. He truly wanted peace to be brought to the world, even if it caused him to suffer. I believe he wanted to keep his home from harm, and do whatever it took to stop conflict. And I also believe… that he wanted to pass this belief on to you.

-Sasuke gasps-

Minato: The will of fire is passed down through the generations. Just as Hashirama taught Sarutobi. Just as Sarutobi taught Jiraiya Sensei. Just as Jiraiya sensei taught myself, and my son Naruto.

-Sasuke's Susano'o fades, and sweat begins to run down his face-

Minato: I believe that your brother was a true Ninja of the leaf village.

-Sasuke drops to his knees, with flashbacks of his older brother before the uchiha massacre, and the last thing he said to Sasuke after their fight with Kabuto-

Hashirama: I'm glad to see that the teachings of the leaf village still exist today. But Sasuke, you must make your decision quickly. To avenge your brothers memory and take revenge on this world, or to follow in your brothers footsteps. Right now, this isn't only a fight to protect the leaf village… This is a fight to protect the entire world.

Naruto 619

Madara: bonds, the only bond this world holds is the bond of hatred

Naruto: only because your hear!!!

Naruto starts to run but Kakashi puts his arm in his way

Kakashi: don't run off like that Naruto, you cant let your fleeting emotions take control of you like that

Obito glares at Kakashi

Obito: back to those words I see, always trying to tell people what to do, when you yourself dont know what to do

Madara: enough talk Obito, the Juubi is still not in its final form, its still unstable. it can still revert

Obito: then take care of it, while I finish things here

Madara: if you kill them all... there will be no project

Obito: they can live on through what I see, but it may be a little too dark

Madara: remember "I'M" at your mercy, they will see only red with yours

Shikamaru: Naruto, when they were talking they said that the Juubi is unstable and can invert back to the other bijuu, I bet they were on it too help stabilize it with the Rinnegan

Naruto: that means we have to keep Madara and Obito off at all costs

Kakashi: I'll take care of Obito

Naruto: right, and I'll get Madara, but first

Naruto walks up and touches Kakashi giving him more bigger and denser Chakra cloak

Kakashi: hmm, seems Naruto is even able to give out huge amounts of chakra


Shikamaru: we need you guys to fight off the Juubi and get it away, Naruto and Kakashi should have it here


Shikaku: after you sever the link from the 2 and the Juubi, keep them away at all costs, if you can't do this make more strategies your my son you know what to do

FlashBack end

Shikamaru: Naruto needs a couple of sealers ready

Naruto: no... me and Kurama have this

Madara: seems their coming around to the right strategy, seems I didn't destroy the mind he was here the whole time

Madara jumps on the Juubi

Madara: as soon as the Juubi is mine you will never get close

???: wood style cutting technique

the spear stabs Madara throwing him off the Juubi

Madara: the only one with wood style is Zetsu, Obito, and me

Madara turns around and his eyes widen

1st Hokage: Madara Uchiha... so what the Uchiha told me was true

Madara: a Uchiha told you I was here

2nd through 4th: he told us all you were here!!!

they stand with Sasuke between them

Naruto: DAD!!!! SASUKE!!!!

Minato: Naruto, it seems I was right that you were the only one capable of controlling the 9-tails like this

Naruto and Kurama voice fused: No one is controlling no one, were friends fighting side by side

Minato: you have good friends Naruto.

Sasuke: After all I learned from them, I came to this resolve, to exterminate what started the Uchiha's demise... YOU MADARA AND TOBI, Orochimaru gave me the power to do so


Hokages: and thats the past from the start

Sasuke: then it all started when Madara attacked the village

3rd: as far as I know the Uchiha were not planning to attack us

Sasuke: then Madara must pay

Oro: if you want I can lend you the edos in exchange for your body

Sasuke: deal

Oro: fine they are all yours, for now

Sasuke walks out with the Kage with blood splattered on the walls

Sasuke: even if the user of the Jutsu dies this jutsu won't stop



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NARUTO 619 to 622 prediction

After the Hokages answer Sasuke's questions Sasuke is in a state of distress. He isn't sure what he should do & starts pondering to himself all emo like. Orochimaru sees this as an opportunity & decides to give the attack signal to the Kages. Sarutobi uses some fire jutsu on Suigetsu turning him into steam while Minato teleports to Juugo & Rasengans him in the face. Tobirama & Hashirama rush Sasuke. Tobirama starts off with some uber water tec pushing Sasuke back while Hashirama restrains Sasuke using wood. Sasuke brakes free using Susanoo & tries to genjutsu Orochimaru. Suddenly the area goes black & Sasuke finds himself trapped in "The Bringer of Darkness".

Sasuke thinking: What is this? My sense of sight has been dulled? It can't be... a genjutsu that can actually overpower my sharingan!

Orochimaru: Kukuku You were a fool to trust me Sasuke-kun!

Sasuke attacks in the direction of the sound but misses. Suddenly Sasuke is tapped on the shoulder & reacts by stabbing his sword behind himself.

Orochimaru: You've relied on your eye sight for to long boy that your other senses have been dulled. You who was born gifted could never survive if those gifts were to be taken away.

Sasuke: Arrrhh!! FUCK YOU!

Sasuke in a rage of fury summons Susanoo again & expends its size by forcing in extreme amounts of chakra.

Sasuke: Even if I can't see you I can still feel your presence using Susanoo!

The expansion of Susanoo forces the Hokages back. Suddenly Sasuke is stabbed in the back with a Kunai & restrained by the wood element.

Sasuke: ahh b..but how...

The Darkness is dispelled revealing that Minato stabbed him from behind. Sasuke is surrounded by the four Hokages restrained by wood & on his knees. Orochimaru walks up to Sasuke kneels down & grabs Sasuke's face while starting at him in the eyes. Orochimaru then licks Sasuke's face as Sasuke looks on in horror.

Orochimaru: In case you haven't figured it out yet Sasuke-kun Minato over here is a master of space/time techniques. It was easy enough for him to teleport us into Susanoo without you realizing it.

Sasuke tries to reactivate Sharingan but he devolves quickly after reaching three tomoe.

Orochimaru: You really didn't do any research at all on these guys have you? If you did you would never have let me summon them. Take Hashirama over here for example. He's got the abilty to suppress chakra. Restricting your sharingan once you're put in a weaken state is a simple task for him. Why do you think Madara fears him so!

Sasuke: You.. you bastard!

Orochimaru: You're mine!

Orochimaru enters Sasuke's body for a full body takeover.

Orochimaru: Kukuku this is glorious!

Orochimaru actives EMS.

Orochimaru: Still not enough... It seems I need more than just a mear cloned DNA after all.

Orochimaru scans the area using his new found power.

Orochimaru: Come on out girl I know you're there.

Minato vanishes & reappears with Karin restrained.

Karin: Orochimaru-sama is it time...

Orochimaru: Yes Karin it's time you knew this day would come.

Karin: Did you really... have to kill him...

Orochimaru: O Sasuke isn't dead he merely lives on inside my mind like all others I've taken before him. Don't worry you two will be reunited soon.

Suddenly Orochimaru's arm transforms into wood piercing Karins chest. Karin's body & essence is sucked into Orochimaru's being. Orochimaru's eyes start to transform again this time turning into Rinnegan.

Orochimaru: I can see... I can see... Everything!

Orochimaru creates some fire, then water, than earth, then lightning, & finally some wind.

Orochimaru: HAHAHAHAHA perfect I can finally master all jutsu I can finally know everything. With this power nothing can stop me!

Orochimaru senses something leaking out of the Death Gods stomach.

Orochimaru: So Minato was able to do that as well. What an extraordinary shinobi he was.

Orochimaru pulls the death god towards him & absorbs the Kyuubi's chakra into his own being!

Orochimaru: Such power such power! I want more! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Back at the Shinobi battle field
Naruto, Madara, & Obito all have shocked looks on their faces.

Naruto thinking: But how... is this even possible. That son of a bitch was supposed to be dead! Why why do I sense Sasuke within him!

Orochimaru astral projecting to Naruto: Kukuku hello Naruto-kun. Don't worry Sasuke is safely inside of me. I won't interfere with your little war, I have no intention to. If you want to save your friend then seek me out. Just know you no longer have a home to go back to!

Naruto: You... monster!

Kakashi: Naruto what's wrong?

A huge flash of light can be seen in the distance.

Guy: what the hell was that!

Naruto crying: Konohamaru... Ramen dude... everyone... they're all dead!

Kakashi: What happened Naruto?

Naruto: It's Orochimaru... he... he... obliterated Konoha!


Sasuke: are they ready for my own usage

Oro: I just have to give them the freedom to talk and they will be Sasuke-kun

Oro gives them the power to talk

Minato: Naruto....

Sasuke: the 4th knows Naruto

Minato: hes my son

Sasuke: ??????!!!!!!!!

Hiruzen: Orochimaru how were you able to...

Oro: by breaking the bond that the RDS held on you, and my arms

Hashi: Hiruzen, who is this

Hiruzen: my old student Orochimaru

Tobimaru: so it seems that my Edo Tensie is still being used, and to a greater degree

Hiruzen: we must stop Orochimaru

Hiruzen tries to move but Oro tightens the grip he has on him

Oro: dont worry old man, im not here to hurt anyone, I'm here for the Uchiha's sake

Hashi: what does he need that is so important to revive me from internal slumber

Sasuke: my clan, the elders of the village ordered my brother to kill the Uchiha, I want to know why you all despised the Uchiha

Hiruzen: so Itachi told everything in his last moments

Sasuke: no an Madara impostor told me

Hashi: so even today "Madara" poses a threat to the shinobi world

Sasuke: Even as we speak Naruto is fighting him

Minato: Naruto!!!, fighting Madara

Hashi: MADARA!!!!! we have to stop him

Hashi tries to move but Oro tightens the grip he has on him

Oro: calm down 1st-sama, this child is not done yet

Minato: Naruto... are you prepared??

Sasuke: all i want to know is why, why did you order Itachi to kill the Uchiha

Hiruzen: I guess this up to me to tell.... the day that the 4th Hokage sealed the 9-tails inside Naruto... Madara attacked the village, us believing that he was dead, and the only clan able to take that strong control over the 9-tails is the Uchiha, If they were to have lived who knows what would have happened, If only Minato would have relayed the information to me before he died... everything... everyone would still be alive

Sasuke: so it was all Madara... Madaras the true reason I grew up only having the faint memory of my family

Minato: Naruto

Minato tries to run to Naruto but Oro tightens the grip on him

Minato: Naruto, I cant leave him to die out there

Minato destroys the seal of the RDS seal he had for the 9-tails

Minato: now 9-tails chakra find your true host

cut to Naruto

Naruto: ughhh!!!

Naruto's chakra dampins and gains strength

Next time what will Sasuke choose the light or the dark, what will Naruto find out,,,, FIND OUT NEXT TIME

Naruto 621: Comrades

Scene shows fully healed Onoki, Gaara, Mei & A]

Onoki: Where did Madara go?

-Scene shows Tsunade being stuck back together by Katsuyu-

Tsunade: The last I saw of him he said he was going to collect the kyuubi..
Gaara: I hope Naruto and Bee can hold out until we get there..
Tsunade: Can you feel that chakra.. It couldn't be?!
Onoki: The brat and the nine tails appear to have pooled together their chakra.. War has a way of uniting some heh'

A: How are you for chakra Old man?
Onoki: Thanks to Tsunade I am pretty good.. Tsunade healing all of us must have taken a toll on you.. Tsunade?

-Scene shows Tsunade unconscious with Katsuyu watching over her-
Katsuyu: Her vitals are weak if I get her to Sakura then there's a chance she will make it..

-All the kage are shown to be upset at the sight of Tsunade's unconscious body..

-Onoki walks around patting each one of them except for Tsunade-

-Onoki nods to Gaara who makes a sand stretcher which holds Tsunade up alongside himself..

Onoki: I'm not a sensor but its clear that chakra is not too far from here if we're quick we can repay Madara a blow or two..

A: I'm going to beat the crap out of him.

Gaara: Heh' Let's go..

Mei: Don't die on me Tsunade.. Being the only female kage fighting can be a bit of deterrent..

-They all fly towards the fight-

[Scene change to Akatsuki hideout]

-A shockwave from a nearby bijuu dama causes the wall holding Hashirama's clone & Yamato to crumble.. Yamato appears unhurt and his finger twinges-

[Scene change to Naruto & Alliance Vs Obito & Madara]

-Naruto is charging towards Obito with a Oodama Rasengan-

-Kakashi teleports to the next dimension and prepares to intercept Obito-

Kakashi:"Its obvious an edo tensei cannot become a Jinchuuriki so killing Obito throws a huge gap in their plan"

-Suddenly Obito's entire body appears-

-Kakashi kicks him point blank in the face.. with the sheer force and chakra from Kurama Obito is sent flying-

Kakashi: Stay here and die.. Because the next time I see you I will kill you..

-Obito is heavily wounded but is still able to get up-

Obito: until the plan is complete I cannot and will not die Kakashi.. -He teleports back to the others-

-Kakashi follows to see the fight stopped by Sasuke & Co's arrival..-

Kakashi and Obito: Sen-sei.......

-Madara is about to kick Lee who is surprised by the arrival of Sasuke before Hashirama blocks Madara's kick and sends him flying-

-Hashirama, Tobirama, Hiruzen & Minato all look at Naruto & Lee smiling-

Hiruzen: My My you two sure have grown..

Naruto: Old man hokage... How?

Hiruzen: it's a long story Sasuke might tell you after he's done interrogating Madara.

Naruto: He can't do that alone!

-Naruto jumps down towards Sasuke & Madara-

Naruto: Sasuke I know I promised you a fight but until that -Naruto points to the juubi- is destroyed the future of the world hangs in the balance.

-Sasuke turns to Naruto-

Sasuke: ....

-Madara slowly gets up whilst Activating Susanoo-

Sasuke: I almost forgot you two possessed the Eternal Mangekyo.. So tell me Madara what led to this.. as far as Hashirama & Tobirama were concerned you are a friend?

-Madara appears visibly shaken by this-

Madara:"Hashirama is aware of what I did yet still gives me this title.. Am I on the wrong side?"

Madara: Listen boy I could have you dead within an instant but you are my last descendant and I have to catch up with some old friends now wait here and be patient.. I'll show you firsthand what our clan can do.


Naruto: No you don't -Naruto blocks Madara from moving away-

-Hashirama appears beside Naruto & Sasuke-

Hashirama: So your Naruto..

Naruto: No time to chat First we are gonna need to concentrate with Madara..

Hashirama: your friend with the eyes wants to ask him a few questions before we do so...

Sasuke:"Why are they being so nice to me.. I've clearly told them I intend to destroy their home yet they've helped me.. Perhaps...."

Naruto 620: You are his friend.

Scene is Sasuke alone with the previous kage]

Sasuke:"Hmmm I have alot more to ask but Orochimaru could turn them on me at any given moment and try to steal my body.. The 4th has space time jutsu.. I could use him to take me to Madara and get his side of the story"

Hashirama: Tell me boy have you awakened the Mangekyo?

Sasuke: I'm aware of the consequences.. My brother passed away and left me his eyes.. I have yet to discover what they can do but I feel his power.

Minato: It would be truely astounding to witness a fight between you and my son.. Both of you are immensely powerful shinobi..

Hiruzen: Did Itachi tell you about everything?

-Sasuke turns to Hiruzen-

Sasuke: Yes..

Hashirama: Tell me what became of Madara?

Minato: Apparently he died at the Final valley but then re-emerged as the 'Masked Man' claiming to be Madara and possessing a wealth of knowledge be it he is Madara or not it was clear he had contact with him to gain the information he did.

Tobirama: How do you know all of this?

Minato: The day of my sons birth he re-emerged and attempted to take the nine tails from Kushina who was at the time the beasts jinchuuriki.. That was another thing Sasuke.. Because Kushina had come into contact with your mother Mikoto whilst on the way to give birth Danzo and those two used their friendship as a weapon against your clan..


Minato: Whilst all this happened the masked man took Kushina whilst I removed Naruto from the situation.. and extracted the nine tails from her before summoning it and controlling it with his sharingan..

Sasuke: How can you tell when the Kyuubi is being controlled?

Hiruzen: your sharingan tomoe appear around its iris..

Sasuke: I see.. continue..

Minato: Sasuke as much as I'd like to answer your questions you must be aware of the implications that come with resurrecting Orochimaru?

Sasuke: Yes I am fully aware...

Hiruzen: Good so you'll know what to do when the time comes.

Sasuke: Hmph.

-Minato moves closer to sasuke who seems aware but doesn't react-

-Minato leans into Sasuke's ear so that only he can hear him-

Minato: I can take you to where Madara & the masked man Tobi are but having Orochimaru around means he can stop us at any given moment.. as much as I want to protect the leaf I see that you deserve answers..

-Sasuke calls out to Orochimaru-

-Orochimaru walks in-

Sasuke: Orochimaru I give you two options.. Run and leave control of these 4 to me or die.

Orochimaru: Heh' Sasuke.. Did you think it would be that ea-

-Suddenly an arm of Susanoo appears piercing orochimaru from above with the sword of totsuka-

Sasuke: I don't have time for a lengthy anecdote on how you will come back again..

-Juugo and Suigetsu look at Sasuke in shock-

Juugo: I thought you would have kept him alive a bit longer..

Sasuke: Minato, How many people can you teleport?

Minato: Considering I'm an edo tensei my chakra is pretty much unlimited..

Sasuke: Suigetsu.. I want you to go to the Mist and await further instructions.. Jugo you are coming with me.

Suigetsu:..Awwww man I don't wanna go home

-Sasuke stares blankly at Suigetsu with his EMS activated-

Suigetsu: Okay Okay I'll go.. Jeez Sasuke your more scarier then ever before.

Hashirama: So where are we heading?

Minato: To the masked man.. Though given recent events it's likely he is with Madara so we'll be needing your assistance..

Tobirama: It'll be good to see Madara after all these years even given the events before his death.. He was always up for sparring.

-They all come together and place there hands on Minato's back-

Hiruzen: Are you ready Sasuke?

Sasuke: Yes..

Naruto 619: Shadows Of The Leaf..

[Scene is Sasuke & Co infront of the revived hokage]

Hiruzen: Sasuke.. You've grown!.. -Hiruzen turns and notices Orochimaru- You're always up to no good Orochimaru.
Tobirama: It would appear we've been revived with my jutsu.. Hashirama, Hiruzen.. Who is he?
Hiruzen: Ahh Tobirama-Sensei that is Minato Namikaze the 4th hokage..
Tobirama: I see...
Hashirama: You.. Uchiha boy what business do you have waking the dead?
Sasuke: I'd like to ask you some questions about Konoha & The Leaf..
Minato: I can feel a strong chakra emanating from far away it feels familiar..
Orochimaru: That would be the kyuubi fighting against the Juubi & Madara
Tobirama, Hashirama & Hiruzen: !!!!!

-Minato looks around before turning to Sasuke-

Minato: Sasuke I'd be happy to answer any questions

Orochimaru: "Intriguing.. I'll let them continue"

Sasuke: Fine.. as long as I get my answers -Signals Orochimaru & co to leave..

Hashirama: I see you have the sharingan.. The uchiha lives on..

-Sasuke turns to Hashirama with a blank stare-

Sasuke: At any point during the past did the Senju plan on eliminating or controlling the Uchiha clan.. Hashirama, Tobirama?

Hashirama: No.. Myself along with my brother and Madara intended on creating a place were shinobi could call home and grow together ensuring future generations had peace and stability..

Tobirama: Yes.. I worked with them to make the Police Force.. The Uchiha and Senju are one in the same.. Together we thrived.. Until..

Minato: Sasuke there is something you must know.. The Uchiha did feel exiled that was not our intention however the masked man orchestrated everything and because of that the relationship our ancestors built turned to dust..

It was never mine or my predecessors intention to control your clan..

Sasuke:... Hiruzen.

-The third is shown with tears dripping down his face-

Hiruzen: Sasuke.. I am so sorry for doing this.. your life has been nothing but difficult.. I intended to speak with your father and the clan and establish a line of communication however Danzo, Koharu & Homura acted behind my back and gave me no choice.. Danzo had establish connections beyond the leaf with Hanzo and I knew if I faltered he would use the opportunity to provoke a war and cause unnecessary casualties.

Sasuke: So you were forced into a situation were the option was the whole village got potentially wiped out or just my clan..

Hiruzen: Yes.. Sasuke to this day and in the afterlife I regret the decision with every fiber of my being.. I should have talked to Danzo more.. The shinobi world can not thrive and grow together as long as hatred in any form exists.

Sasuke: Hashirama & Tobirama what was the reason for creating the Leaf?

Hashirama: In our time.. War was normal.. constant bloodshed and vengeance are no way to live.. Myself and my brother often avenged fallen comrades to find a feeling of emptiness but this was the only life we had known.. So we cultivated some land and begun establishing the leaf.. A rival of mine your ancestor Madara had agreed that the bloodshed must stop however he wanted power.. As did we.. but our desire for peace was what united us.. We had enough of seeing members of our clan die because of this accursed old system.


Minato: What do you intend to do after we've spoken..

Sasuke: Well I'm going to seek out someone.. kill them and then destroy the leaf..

Minato: That old friend would be Naruto?

Sasuke:!! How do you know?!

Minato: I'm his father.. Up until a certain point as of late I had sealed away some of my consciousness and some chakra in his seal.. Your his friend..


Minato: Well I can imagine you wanting to destroy his home would take a bit of a toll on your friendship

-Minato smiles-

Hashirama: You want revenge against the Leaf?

Sasuke: Yes.. They sullied my brothers name and those 3 made him kill of his own clan..

Hashirama: I can see why your angry but ask yourself this Sasuke.. there are people in the Leaf even to this day even the young who are unaware and have not had an impact on history at all do you intend to make them suffer?


Hashirama:"There is still hope for him and his clan"